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On my Projects page I will use this opportunity to expand and expound on the context and background of my latest works. Also, it will have the timely News of Art Events, Exhibitions and Artistic Achievements. 

Monheghan Island 

A snappy little island about 1.7 miles, in the Gulf of Maine. Historically and to this day an artist destination. The first artist colonies started I around 1850 and included the likes of Edward Hopper, Rockwell Kent the Wyeth family. I've enjoyed painting there. This particular. spot was lovely.


Studio Happenings

It's always great to retreat to the studio this time of year! A wonderfully cool and shaded, bug free zone. Here I work on plein air studies with taking great care on not ruining their freshness!


Plein Air

Certainly a favorite, Watch Hill Light! It's never a disappointment. Calm overcast days, like this one to raging surf on East Beach always present a reason to get at it with the paint!

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